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Adobe Download and Installation Guide

Downloading Adobe Software

Adobe donations are made available through Internet download, referred to as electronic software distribution (ESD) by TechSoup Asia's technology donation program. The procedure for downloading Adobe products donated through TechSoup Asia is somewhat different from the procedure for products bought through the Adobe website, so this page provides some tips to assist you with your download. Follow the instructions below, or check out this video tutorial to learn how to download your Adobe donation. For general information on downloads, see the article A Beginner's Guide to Electronic Software Downloads.

Preparing for Your Download

Once your ESD donation request has been processed, the serial numbers for your donation will be emailed to the registered organisation account email address. Each fulfillment email will contain basic download instructions (as seen below), as well as the license keys for your donation. Check your Internet speed! Dial-up modems are limited to a bit rate of less than 56 Kbps (kilobits per second) and are not recommend for downloading donations acquired through TechSoup Asia . Check with your organisation's IT department or personnel if you are unsure of the type of connectivity your organisation has. For a pain-free download experience, TechSoup Asia recommends accessing downloads with a broadband connection to the Internet.

Starting Your Download

1. Log in to Adobe's download page at Your login information will be supplied with your fulfillment email.

Adobe Download Page

2. After logging in, locate your donation in Adobe's product list and click its name. The products are listed alphabetically.

List of Products

3. On the following page, click the appropriate version of your software. Product Versions You might have requested a version older than those shown on the New Versions tab. In that case, click the Release Archive tab to find the correct version. (If you do not recall what version you requested, check your fulfillment email or your Donation Request History page.)

Older Releases of Products

4. To begin your download, you may select either the HTTP Download or the Download Manager option. Most Adobe install files are quite large, and some members might experience delays or timeouts while downloading. To ensure a successful download, Adobe recommends using the Download Manager option. Should there be an interruption during your download, Download Manager will automatically resume the download from any interrupted point. Note: Some products have more than one file to download. You must download all the files for your product to be complete. You may download the files to a computer other than the one on which it will be installed. For example, you may download the install files onto a portable flash drive while using a computer with a faster Internet connection and then transfer those files to the computer that requires the actual installation.

Product with Multiple Files to Download

You can click Estimated Times and Details to see the name of the file and how much time it will take to download it.

Installing Your Product

Windows Procedure

When the downloads have finished, double-click each extractor file in the download list. These files extract content from the other types of files. In tiles view, they are labeled Adobe Extractor. They have an extension of .exe.

Downloaded Files in Windows Tiles View

In the folder created by extraction, double-click the Set-up installer icon and follow the subsequent installation instructions.

Mac Procedure

1. When the downloads have finished, you will have a file with an extension of .dmg (disk image). Double-click this file to open it.

2. In the resulting window, double-click the file with the product name to begin extraction.

3. In the folder created by extraction, double-click the Install icon and follow the subsequent installation instructions.


TechSoup Asia recommends that you keep your downloaded files safely archived, either by burning them onto a CD or DVD or by storing them in a file server on your network.

TechSoup Asia recommends that you remove older versions, or trial versions, of the software before you install a new version.

Suite products must be used on one computer. The individual applications of the suite cannot be installed on separate computers.

When you install, you might see a dialog box giving you the option to enter your serial number (license key) or use the product on a trial basis. Enter your license key. If for some reason you choose to run the product in trial mode, you will not be allowed to enter the license key until the trial period expires.

Some Adobe suites are supplied with separate serial numbers for different parts of the suite. Be sure to follow the detailed instructions included in your fulfillment email to apply the right key at the right time.

If you see a message saying that your serial number is invalid, try cutting and pasting your serial number directly from TechSoup Asia's fulfillment email.