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Navigating through the Volume Licensing Service Center and retrieving your keys

Now that you have access to your VLSC account, visit and sign in with your Microsoft Account details if you haven’t done this already. 

Now that you’ve confirmed the terms and conditions, you will be greeted with the VLSC Home Page as below.


Navigate to the Downloads and Keys section near the top.


Here you will see an overview of all the software you have ordered.  If you are having difficulty locating a title, utilise the Filters section on the left hand side.  Here you can search for a product title or you can filter by product type.

When looking for your software, try and locate the product with a title that is very similar or identical to the product name that is on your TechSoup Asia invoice (e.g – Office Professional Plus 2010 not Office Professional Plus 2010 with Service Pack 1). 

Now that you have located the product that you require your activation for, click Key and it bring down a drop down menu.


Here you will see your Licence ID (which will match the Licence ID in your original Licence Agreement email), your organisations name, a 25 digit Activation Key, Key Type and Activations or Seats.

It is important to use the MAK key when activating your software - Unless your organisation has a Key Management Server (KMS) in place, you will need to use the MAK key to activate your software.

Please Note: Your activations column will always say #/50 – this does not necessarily mean that you have up to 50 licences to use.  If you would like to confirm how many licences you have, you will need to refer to your TechSoup Asia Invoice for your original order.  When you have used your product key, the # will change to reflect how many copies you have active, this helps you keep track of how many licences you have installed.

Remember that not all products have product keys. Some server products have setup codes. Usually setup codes are printed on the installation disc or sleeve or they are displayed on the screen after you download the software. Other products have the codes embedded in the media, and you do not have to enter them during installation. Licence-only products such as server CALs do not need installation and do not have product keys.