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Setting Up Your VLSC Account and Logging In for the first time

Now that you have created your Microsoft Account you can set up your VLSC Account. 


Click Sign In – here you can sign in with the Microsoft Account that you have created.  Once you have logged in for the first time, the VLSC will ask you to confirm your Business E-mail address.  This is the E-mail address that you have registered with TechSoup Asia (If you are unsure which E-mail you have used, please refer to the invoice you received, from TechSoup Asia, for your Microsoft Order)


Once you have input your Business E-mail and confirmed it, press Submit.  You will then be taken to next page which advises that Microsoft has sent an E-mail to you to confirm ownership of your Volume Licencing account.  Please check the inbox of the Business E-mail that you input on the previous screen.


When you receive your confirmation email, follow the steps inside to complete your REGISTRATION

If you have difficulties accessing the VLSC during this process, you can contact the VLSC Support here -

We’re almost done!  Now that you’ve confirmed your Business E-mail Address (see above), Microsoft will ask you to confirm their Terms and Conditions.


Here, you can confirm your Open Licence Type (this should default to Charity), Country of Usage (Australia) and the Language (English).  Press the button that says Display to show the full Licence Agreement details.

Once you have confirmed these details, type your full name into the box on this page and press I Accept.